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• 1st Amendment
  Social Media Policy
• Big Win for
  PIP Insurers
• Medicare Recovery
  Threshold Reporting
• Tweeting During
  Jury Duty
• Sending Claim File?
  Use Caution
• Inviting Unenforce-
  -ability, Costly Appeal
• 1st Amend. Retaliation:
  Qual. Immunity Denied
• Title VII & Sexual
  Orientation Discr.
• Conflict of Law/Florida
  Law Applied to South
  Carolina Automobile
• The Use of Force
  Against a Passively
  Resisting Person
• Contact a Member
  of the Firm
• Appropriate Auxiliary
  Aids for the Hearing
  Impaired Under the
• 2017 Legislative
  Session Update

• Medicare Damage
  Calc Model Announced
• Facebook Pics
  Discoverable In
  Pers. Injury Cases
• Profanity Not A
  Severe Misconduct...
• Firm Success:
  Brevard County
• FHA: 11th Circuit
  Expands Potential
• First Party Bad Faith
• Bad Insurance Comp:
  Appealing Argument
• Trip and Fall Cases:
  Trials and Tribulations
• Reasonable Award for
  Past Medical Expenses
• Recent Cases
• Civil Rights - Employ.
• 2016 Legislative
  Session Update
• Firm Success
• Atty's Fees/Multiplier
  Insuff. Evidence
• Propos. for Settlement
• Harris Act: Limited
• UM Benfits/Subrog.
• Permanency: Directed
  Verdict Improper
• Alcohol Lender
  Liability, Act
• "Negligent Reporting"
  Claims Permitted
  by FL Court
• Rebutting Negligence
  Presmuption in
  Rear Collisions
• Public Records -
  Attorney's Fees
• Mobile Devices:
  Blessing or Curse?
• Detention of
  Passenger During
  Traffic Stop
• Sovereign Immunity
  For Private Prison
  Transport Companies
  Frank M. Mari, Esq.

• ADA Acommodations
  and Employer Job
• Academic Exercise
  to Recover Atty.
• New Public Record
  Ruling from 1st DCA
• Congrats: Cindy
  Townsend -> Partner
• Pre-Injury Release
  Precludes Claim
• Evidence of Medical
• Civil Rights-4th
  and Seizure
• Gabby's Law for
  Student Safety
• Changes to Private
  Property Rights
  Protection Act
• Sexual Orientation
  and Title VII

• Soverign Immunity
  Adequacy of Claims
• The Difficulty of
  Dismissal for Fail
  to Prosecute
• Medicare Changes
  Reporting Threshold
• Trial Success:
• Pre-Employment Drug
  Testing Policy
• Florida Civil Rights
  Act and Pregnancy
• "Knock and Talk" and
  the 4th Amendment
• Firm Success:
• Public Records-
• EEOC: Tougher
  Enforcement Guidance
  on Pregnancy Discrim.
• 2014 Legislative
  Session Highlights
• Firm Success:
  M.Roper, D.Scott

• No Cross Claim for
  Bad Faith...
• Limones vs.School
  Disrict of Lee County
• Cost of Selected
• 2013 Best Lawyers
• Firm Win!
• New FDOT Standard
  For Sidewalk Maint.
• The Workers' Comp.
• Fair Labor
  Standards Act
• Addressing Medicare
  Liens Before Payment
• Corporate 5k 2013
• Search of Cellphone
  Incident to Arrest
• Elect. of Non-Stacked
  Coverage, Amendment
  to UM Statute
• Uninsured Motorist /
  Bad Faith
• Graves Amendment
  Buries Liability
• FL Expert Witness Std.
• Bad Faith / Appraisal
• Increased Burden
  On Plaintiffs in
  Title VII Action
• 2013 Legislative
  Session Update
• Florida Ban On
  Texting While
• Conditional Demand /
  No Settlement
• The Chase (For
  Greater UM Coverage)
• Social Media and Free
  Speech Rights of
  Gov. Employees

• School Prevails in
  Dress Code Case
• Userra Claims: 11th
  Circuit Decision
  on Jurisdiction
• Res Judicata and
  Title VII
• Important Changes
  to Florida Mediation
  Attendance Rules
• Fourth Amendment
  Use Of Deadly Force
• VORTRAN: Defensive
• Dixie County Win!
• PGIT Seminar:
  Michael Bowling
• Indemnity Agreement,
   Section 725.06
• Clerks of Court Must
   Do More
• The Power Of The
  Litigation Hold
• Gail Bradford ->
  Animal Law Committee
• Choice of Law of
  Bad Faith
• Use of Deposition
  When Deponent Dies
• Claim for Attorney
  Fees Must Be Pleaded
• Offers of Judgment
• Attorney's Fees:
  Contingent Fee
• Dale Scott, Partner
• Bad Faith/Summary
• Dismissal For Fraud
  On Court
• Spoliation And
  Preservation Of
  Video Evidence
• Changes to Chapter 50
  Could Mean Cost
  Savings for Gov't
• Search of Data Stored
  On Cell Phones
• 11th Appelate Tests
  Right To Bear Arms
• Workplace Comp:
  Is a fall compensable?
• Premises Liability:
  Common Sense Wins
• Cheaters Prosper,
  But Not Always
• Recent Decisions re:
  Attorney Fee Issues
• Employee Wellness
  Programs and ADA
  Disability Req.
• Bill Denomination
  Matters When Paying
• Firm Win! Defense
  Verdict, Clay County
• Rear-End Collision:
  Rebuttable Negligence
• Expert Discovery:
  How Much Is Too
• Temp. Gov't Induced
  Flooding Not Exempt...
  Takings Clause...

• Nationwide v. Harrell:   Medical Setoffs.
• “Total Damages” in
   UM Case.
• Interpretation of
  Homeowner’s Policy.
• Gawtrey v. Hayward:
  Nominal PFS.
• Sovereign Immunity
  and Dismissal with
• Westgate: Trial Court
  Reserves Jurisdiction
  for Prejudgement
• Antique Auto Policy.
• Discovery in Quasi-
  judicial Proceedings.
• Steakley: Accord and
• Mix: PFS and Need
  for Release.
• Removal to Federal
• TASER Victory.
• Comparator
  and Marital
• §57.105 Safe Harbor
• Pollard: Possible
  Bivens Expansion.

July / August

• Concepcion v. Dowd
• EEOC Final   Regulations for ADAAA
• Overtime Law and   Employer Knowledge
• 2011 Claims Bills.

September / October

• Wrongful Death Against   Public Entity.
• Lawyers Behaving Badly?
• Confusing Caselaw:   Medical Bills into   Evidence.
• Bert J. Harris Private   Property Rights   Protection Act.

November / December

• Offer of Judgment Invalid   For Both Claims
• What All Government   Employees Should Know
• Firm Win!
• To Settle Or Not To Settle
• A Rose By Another Name:   Substituting Parties


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